Ali Maaloul flirts with the fans of the Red Castle after the Pyramids show: Come on, Ahli fans


Eagerness Tunisian star Ali MaaloulOn his courtship with the fans of the Red Castle, after revealing the Pyramids’ offer to move to him for $ 2 million, where he posted on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, a video clip excited by the fans in one of the matches, accompanied by a comment: “Hey, my family.”


Once again, a former Al-Ahly player has returned from his relationship with the club recently to empty the Red Castle of one of its most important stars during the past years. The past days have witnessed intense attempts by a former Al-Ahly player with the Tunisian international back, Ali Maaloul, the Al-Ahly player, with the aim of the latter’s transfer to Pyramids in the next season. And the attempts of the former Al-Ahly player to seek revenge against his club after he decided not to renew his contract several months ago for technical reasons, which was the revenge that was embodied weeks ago by inciting Ramadan Sobhi to leave Al-Ahly and move to Pyramids, even though Al-Ahly had terminated the agreement with Huddersfield English club to buy Ramadan Finally, before the latter withdrew from playing for Al-Ahly and moving to Pyramids.

Al-Ahly officials held a special session a few days ago with Ali Maaloul to inquire about the truth of the offer he recently received from the Pyramids Club, which is the second offer of the Tunisian international from Pyramids in a short period, and Maaloul revealed to Al-Ahly management that he had received an offer from a former player in the Red Castle who recently moved to Pyramids, who offered him to leave Al-Samawy in the next season for two million dollars, double what he receives from Al-Ahly, and the offer may increase to 2.5 million dollars, or 45 million pounds per season, to be the most expensive player in the Egyptian League, whether Egyptian or foreign..

A source told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the Pyramids administration wanted to kidnap Maaloul in any way from Al-Ahly, so it made a big financial offer to him and would have made a very tempting financial offer to Al-Ahly that might reach four million dollars to buy the Tunisian player, but the latter refused and confirmed to Al-Ahly management that he apologized to his former colleague. At the Red Fort, he missed the show and stuck to staying with his team until his contract expires, at least two seasons later.


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