American hospitals refuse a third of their remdesivir after the need for it decreases


The US Department of Health and Human Services confirmed that American hospitals have rejected about a third of the amounts allocated to them of remdesivir to treat Covid-19 disease since July, with the decreased need for this expensive anti-virus medicine..

Some hospitals said that they are still buying this drug, which is produced by Gilead Sciences, in order to have stock in case the epidemic accelerates during the winter. But she said the current supplies are adequate to some extent because she limits its use to severe cases only. The FDA has allowed greater freedom in the use of remdesivir, but six out of eight large hospitals contacted by Reuters said they do not use it in moderate cases, and this slowdown indicates that the drug shortage has ended and threatens Gilead’s efforts to expand the use of remdesivir..

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health confirmed that between July 6 and September 8, public health systems in states and regions accepted about 72 percent of the amounts offered by remdesivir. Hospitals also bought only about two-thirds of what the states and territories accepted, and Gilead did not respond to a request for comment.


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