Amh, the international, was banned from entering the club … Syed Ali sends a message to Al-Khatib on the air … Witness


Media student Syed Ali, Mahmoud Al-Khatib was granted an honorary membership to “IMH Al-Dawli” For Al-Ahly Club For life, after being prevented from entering the club because one of the members was accompanying a person who was not a member, and he was prevented from entering, at that time the member said, “Wax us out,” and then he was prevented from entering.

During a telephone interview on the “Honorable Citizen” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” satellite channel, Amh Al-Dawli added that he wanted to know what was the reason for preventing him from entering the Al-Ahly club, indicating that he was constantly entering the club.

The media, Syed Ali, sent a message to Amh International, saying, “You are an honor to any club that you enter..and I am on the air asking Al-Khatib and members of the Al-Ahly Club Board of Directors to allow him to have an honorary membership of the club.”

Syed Ali explained that the international always encourages the Al-Ahly club and tournaments, in addition to the fact that he is the owner of all the major players in the Al-Ahly club

For his part, Al-Dawli said, “I deserve the honorary membership of Al-Ahly Club, because I am the biggest fan of Al-Ahly.”


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