Amid the collapse of her father … the rape of an 8-year-old girl of 14 people in Sudan (video)


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In an incident that ignited social networking sites in Sudan, the story of Zainab sparked a wave of outrage, calling for the death penalty to be imposed on the rapists through the hashtag “# Death_for the rapist_zainab_yasir”, so what happened to the innocent 8-year-old girl.

Zainab Yasser, an 8-year-old Sudanese girl, appeared in a video with a hidden face while talking about being raped by 14 people repeatedly day after day, after she went to her neighbors’ house to play with her friend, while her father was sitting next to her while he was in A state of complete collapse from the ugliness of what he hears, with tears streaming down his eyes, according to “Euro News”.

According to what the child raped said, the mother of one of the rapists knew what her son had committed and covered it up by threatening the child to be slaughtered if she informs someone about what happened with her.

Zainab continues in the video that her friend’s brother brought her into his room and closed the door on her, attracting her and telling her, “Oh my love, I am your mail.” She was crying and screaming, and that did not help her to escape from him, and she was also unable to talk about the matter because of her fear.

Zainab’s psychological state provoked her father, which was not normal, when he brought her home to tell him what happened, and he appeared collapsed while speaking in the video.

The father of the girl appeared in another influential video, while he was delivering a speech among the crowds who organized a protest, holding banners in front of the Public Prosecutor demanding retribution.

Zainab’s father says in the video, “I did not leave a shop for the sake of truth, but kept quiet about rot … My daughter is clean, my daughter is a child.” .

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