Amina Khalil and Tamer Habib congratulate Ahmed Malek on his birthday


The artist, Amina Khalil, congratulated the artist Ahmed Malik On his birthday, Khalil published a picture collected by Malik and Reham Abdel Ghafour, and commented: “Happy Birthday, my friend, Lord, you always prefer an inspiration to all of us.”


Screenwriter Tamer Habib also congratulated Malik’s message on his birthday, and shared a video clip from the series “Don’t put out the sun” and commented on it: “One of the best needs that I got when the sun does not extinguish is that I worked with this artist with talent, acceptance and intense charisma, Full of life, a loyal lover of his profession, whose ambition has no limits … Every year, you are sharing, hardworking and free, and you have energy and vitality. “

Malik, his fans and followers, through his official account on the social networking site Instagram, shared new photos during his participation in the 77th Venice Film Festival, where he wore a white suit and was keen to take pictures with a number of celebrities during the festival.

This comes after the young artist Ahmed Malek expressed his happiness to show his international movie The Furnace At the Venice International Film Festival for the first time, in the presence of the heroes of the film, where a party is held for the film, and the heroes of the film pass on the red carpet, where Malik posted a picture of his character in the film, through his account on the website “Instagram”, saying: “Very excited about the world premiere. TheFurnace On the fourth of September within a competition Horizons At the Venice Film Festival. “


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