Amina Khalil to Ahmed Malik: You are made of magic news


Actress Amina Khalil congratulated her friend Ahmed Malik on his birthday.

And through the storyboard feature of her Instagram account, Khalil published a picture that she collected with Malik and Reham Abdel Ghafour, and wrote on it: “Happy birthday, my friend, you are always a source of inspiration for us all, you are one of those who are made of magic.”
A picture

It is noteworthy that Amina Khalil is showing her “my soulmate” in the cinemas.

The movie “My Spiritual Twin” starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Amina Khalil, Aisha bin Ahmed and the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, written by Amani Al-Tunisi, produced by Ahmed Al-Sobky and directed by Othman Abu Laban.

The events revolve in a romantic comic framework around a strong love story between Hassan Al-Raddad and Amina Khalil, and they face many problems and obstacles that make their love something impossible to achieve in reality.

On the other hand, Ahmed Malik showed at the Venice International Film Festival recently his new film The Furnace, in the first international participation of the young star, within the “Horizons” competition.

Malik appeared during the first show, in a white suit, and held a number of media interviews with international media after the screening of the film, and this was highlighted by the festival’s page on social media.

“Malik” had expressed his enthusiasm to see his first world experience among the public, after the film’s screening dates were announced at the festival.

“The Furnace” revolves around the gold rush that struck Australia in the 1890s, to weave a tale in which the hero searches for his identity through obstacles of greed and greed.

The co-starring owner is the famous Australian actor David Winham, and Bikali Janambar, who won the Best Young Talent award at the Venice International Film Festival, for his role in The Nightengale, Trevor Jamison and Eric Thompson, Mahesh Jadu, Usama Sami and directed by Roderick Mackay.

The famous French filmmaker Claire Denis is chairing the jury of the “Horizons” competition, and its members include: Oscar Alegria, Francesca Comensini, Catril Schori, and Christine Fashion.

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