Amir Mortada answers .. Why did Zamalek contract with Pacheco?


Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the football team at Zamalek Club, said that their contract with Pacheco will be for a year and with 3 assistants.

Amir Mortada added, during an intervention with him on the Tala audience program, “There is an agreement between me and him that he who will present his assistants and upon his arrival we will announce the role of each individual and present them to the media and we thank the Egyptians in the previous apparatus and announce about the Egyptians in the new apparatus.”

When asked about how they contracted with Pacheco after his club described him as a “fugitive” before, Amir Mortada replied: “During the speech that the Zamalek channel broadcast to Murtaza Mansour, he said that the interest of Zamalek is above anything and Pachecos departure was the result of a misunderstanding 5 years ago and he did not leave like Carteron. “.

And the general supervisor of the football team at Zamalek club continued: “We spoke with Ferrera and Gros and there were problems with them, but in the end there is no quarrels as long as you did not get out in a non-professional way. Ferreira, if there is a problem between him and the President of Zamalek, to refuse negotiations at the beginning. ”


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