Amir Mortada: Pacheco has chances of winning the African Championship


Amir Mortada, football supervisor at Zamalek Club, confirmed that Jaime Pacheco, the new coach of the White Club, has great chances to win the CAF Champions League, indicating that the regulations will be applied to Ashraf Bancharki, the team’s player, if he makes a mistake.

Amir Mortada said in statements on “Ontime Sports”: “Hardlek for El Gouna, they made a big match and worked in an organized manner, and I wish them success.”

He added, “Zamalek players have done their work during this difficult period, and I thank Tarek Yahya and the auxiliary apparatus, they worked until the last moment.”

Amir Mortada added, “We have not decided whether or not to hold a press conference for Pacheco because of the lack of time and we do not have the luxury of time. We do not want to disturb the team, but the council will determine everything upon meeting Pacheco.”

And the football supervisor of Zamalek Club continued: “I do not want to burn the work of the Board of Directors, but there is an agreement with him and the council will announce all the details of the technical staff tomorrow, and I will hand him over all the information we have, which is a request for certain videos and there are things I am more abundant for him and he will meet with everyone individually and will hold a meeting with Players. ”

He continued: “Pacheco has very great enthusiasm and I see that his chances are great in the Champions League. His only objection to the pressure of the league matches, especially during the international break times, that in two matches they will be played at the time of the teams gathering, we do not know yet who will be in the team, but the Tunisian Federation sent us a request.” By summoning Ferjani Sassi, and we will see how the Football Association will solve this problem because it was the decision to return the league. ”

Regarding the deals, Amir Mortada said: “Zamalek is the owner of the inherent right to announce any deal according to the interest of the team. It is natural that we are preparing for the new season and Ari Babel is not a player in Zamalek and he did not come to Egypt and there is no contract with him until he demands dues, he could be a good player.” But the character is divided and there is no one forcing the club to do anything. ”

Amir Mortada concluded his remarks: “When someone sees Hamza Mathlouthi in the club at the time, we can say that we have signed a contract with him. We have an important tournament and at specific times in which we announce the deals and departures, and there is a list in place while I was in the stands and I waited for Tariq Yahya’s report about the Bin Sharqi incident even if In an error, we will apply the regulation to him. ”


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