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Artist Mohamed Sobhi decided to honor 100 creative people who have contributed creativity to his artistic career over the past half century.

Subhi issued a statement saying:

Artist Mohamed Sobhi celebrates half a century of his artistic career in a major celebration in early November titled “50 Years of Art” during which about 100 creative people who have contributed to this march with creativity and success are honored. The list of honorees includes creative people from different generations, including companions, professors, teachers and students of the professor Mohamed Sobhi.

This list of honorees who participated in the “50 Years of Art” by Muhammad Subhi journey includes the producers: Muhammad Emara, Muhammad Fawzi and Amr al-Saifi, the authors: Lenin al-Ramli, Dr. Yusri Khamis, Mahdi Yusef, Muhammad Baghdadi and Ayman Fatiha. The directors are: Ahmed Badr al-Din, Nour al-Demradash and Muhammad Fadel Adel Sadiq, Muhammad Radi, Medhat El Sebaei and Omar Abdel Aziz, in addition to the interior designers: Dr. Samir Ahmed, Dr. Sabri Abdel Aziz, Hussein El-Ezaby and Mohamed Al-Gharabawi.

Among the composers who participated in the works of the star Mohamed Sobhi during his career, whether in cinema, television or theater: Muhammad Ali Suleiman, Yasser Abdel Rahman and Atef Sobhi. As for the poets who will be honored, they are: Khairy Fouad and Abdullah Hassan and the show designers Hassan Afifi and Muhammad Samih.

It also honors from the artists: Nevin Ramez, Hana Al-Shorbagy, Souad Nasr, Abla Kamel, Simon, Amal Ibrahim, Abeer Farouk, Zainab Wehbe, Nermin Kamal, Reem Ahmed, Hadi Hani, Samira Abdel Aziz, Samah Al-Saeed, Nada Maher, Mirna Zekry, Mona Zaki, Maha Abu Auf, Wafa Amer, Sumaya Al-Alfi, Elham Shaheen, Sherihan, Sanaa Jamil and Sabreen Wafa Sadiq, Eman Sarkisian, Samah Anwar and Nelly.

As for the artists who will be honored, they are: Jamil Ratib, Mamdouh Wafi, Shawqi Tantawi, Abdullah Ismail, Mahmoud al-Qala’awi, Sami Fahmy, Shaaban Hussein, Abdullah Musharraf, Mahmoud Abu Zeid, Khalil Morsi, Arkan Fuad, Ayman Azab, Majdi Subhi, Riyadh Al-Khouli, Ahmed Adam, Salah Abdullah, Fadi Khafaja, Sameh Al-Shuja’i, Sharif Hassan, Abdul Rahim Youssef Dawoud, Hani Ramzi, Majid Al-Kadwani, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Wafiq, Mustafa Shaaban, Youssef Fawzi, Izzat Abu Auf, Muhammad Abu Dawood, Nabil Al-Halafawi, Salah Rashwan and the able artist Dr. Saad Ardash as a professor and teacher of the star Muhammad Subhi and Dr. Hani Mutawa as his teacher in the beginnings.

Honoring 100 creative people who contributed to creativity in the career of artist Mohamed Sobhi

The artist Mohamed Sobhi celebrates the half century of his artistic career in …

Posted by ‎Official page of the artist Mohamed Sobhi‎ on Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Mohamed Sobhi is currently performing rehearsals for his play “A Family I Do Block” at his theater in the city of Sonbol, which will be opened immediately after the ceremony in the first days of November. It is written by Mustafa Shehayeb and directed by Mohamed Sobhi and starring the actor’s studio group.

On the other hand, the artist Magdy Sobhi recently announced his return to the theater group of his brother, the artist Mohamed Sobhi.

Magdy, through his Facebook account, posted photos with his brother Muhammad, and a writer commented: “I know that this news will make everyone happy. I will return to my group, my teacher troupe and my brother, the great artist Mohamed Sobhi, soon after the end of the play Biography of Love.”

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