An American company is developing the largest hydrogen-powered aircraft in the world


Universal Hydrogen, an American start-up in the field of hydrogen fuel supply, has launched a project to develop a hydrogen-based propulsion system that can be used in conventional aircraft after modification. The company, which is based in Los Angeles, USA, will test the new technology on the D Havilland Canada DHC-8Q, and this aircraft, also known as the Dash-8, has 56 seats, and if the plan is successful, it will become the largest commercial hydrogen aircraft in the world..

The idea of ​​the hydrogen-powered plane received an encouraging boost from Airbus, after it announced its plan to produce the Zero E by the year 2035, and Airbus plans to ignite hydrogen as a combustion fuel, and in return Universal Hydrogen is seeking to develop an electric motor that works with fuel cells, and the design will include production of engines Specially designed electric magics to power two Dash-8 propellers

According to the New Atlas report, Magnex will offer its expertise after successfully operating a modified nine-seat Cessna 208B Grand Caravan earlier this year, the largest electric plane in the world..

The Universal Dash-8 will be powered by hydrogen at a reduced capacity of 40 seats, with large hydrogen units to replace the last rows, and will occupy approximately 16 seats of the total space.

The plane will have a range of about 740 kilometers and will fly with two engines with a capacity of 2 megawatt electric motors, and the hydrogen will work as a battery that produces electricity as it passes through the aircraft’s fuel cells.

Universal Hydrogen aims from this experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of the hydrogen fuel product it produces and to bring it into commercial service by the year 2024, and said that it will not cause an increase in airline ticket prices..

However, some are still wary of being optimistic about the future of hydrogen use because it has a more dangerous history than fossil fuels, but Universal Hydrogen aims to demonstrate the safety of its product through a series of drop, blast and ventilation tests..

The company said that in the world there are about 2,200 Dash-8 aircraft compatible with the modernization process modifications it proposes, and it is working on developing systems that can be integrated into other aircraft designs..


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