An expert warns: Corona causes 3 serious diseases


2:30 PM

Thursday 24 September 2020


The internal diseases specialist at the Russian Ministry of Health, Oksana Drapkina, mentioned diseases that may cause a deterioration in people’s health after being infected with the Coronavirus.

She said: There are 3 diseases that can cause serious complications in patients with coronavirus. What is meant here: diabetes, obesity, and vascular disease according to Russia Today.

On the other hand, Drapkina mentioned, 5 factors that must be adhered to to avoid the risk of sudden death, which are: quitting smoking, walking on two feet for at least one hour every day, eating 4 fruits and vegetables every day, not consuming excessive salt and sugars.

She explained that all of these factors were calculated by computer modeling as well as the factors resulting from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The doctor recalled that the situation related to the coronavirus had stabilized in Russia, after the removal of some restrictions and the banning measures. She said that life has returned to its normal course, as children visit schools and kindergartens, and shops, cinemas, hair salons and restaurants in some areas have resumed their work.


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