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China claimed that the account of its ambassador to the United Kingdom, Liu Xiaoming, on the social networking site Twitter, was subjected to a “violent hacking attack” on Wednesday, after his admiration for tweets that included publications critical of the Chinese Communist Party, and a sexual video posted in 2019, according to the newspaper.The Guardian“.

The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom called on Twitter to conduct a “comprehensive” investigation, and reserved the right to take further measures, after its ambassador’s account liked a pornographic publication.

The likes remained active for at least an hour, before they were widely shared, and hours later the embassy issued a statement condemning the alleged hack.

Twitter is among the many banned social media platforms in China, but its diplomatic missions and staff around the world have active accounts.

The Chinese ambassador to the UK is a fan of a sexy Twitter post

The Chinese ambassador to the UK is a fan of a sexy Twitter post

Ambassador Liu’s account, which has more than 85,000 followers, publishes news stories from Chinese state media, praising his country’s handling of the Corona pandemic, while rejecting reports on Chinas human rights violations in Xinjiang.

Any Twitter user can see the Tweets they like, on the accounts home page.


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