Analysis .. How does Pacheco play with Zamalek?


Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, the former coach of Zamalek, came to succeed Hossam Hassan after an unsuccessful start with the white at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season, and he was chased by accusations of defense and reservation to succeed despite these rumors and in his own way that came to Zamalek later in the league, cup, confederation, and the last Egyptian and African Super.

The temporary closure of the “School of Art and Engineering” and the opening of the Realist School came at the hands of Pacheco who first laid the first building block for the method and method that was later followed by his compatriot Gosfaldo Ferreira, Swiss Christian Gross and French Patrice Carteron.

The Portuguese, who spent 73 days in Zamalek, played 12 matches, achieved 9 wins, two negative draws and one defeat; To collect 29 points out of 36, with a success rate of more than 80.5%, Gusfaldo Ferreira, the coach who succeeded him, praises his work and gives him the credit for helping him crown the historic double.

Pacheco in 2014

Pacheco played 9 of the 12 games in a 4-2-3-1 manner, while he played only two games in a 4-4-2 manner. Right-hand side in most of its matches.

In the major confrontations or the stronger confrontation of Pacheco, which was the Ismaili side, the Portuguese played 4-3-2-1 and pushed the three-man Mohammed Shaban, Ahmed Tawfiq and Tariq Hamed in the middle of the stadium and in front of them were Moamen Zakaria, Khaled Qamar and Basem Morsi in the match that ended in a goalless draw.

Formation stability

Pacheco believes in the stability of formation and change in the narrowest borders, and in his previous experience in Zamalek, the technical director relied on a defensive quadrant consisting of: Omar Jaber, Muhammad Kofi, Ali Jabr, Ahmed Samir, and in front of them Ibrahim Salah and Tariq Hamid, then Hazem Imam, Ayman Hefni and Moamen Zakaria Khalaf Basem Morsi.

Even Pachecos substitutes were reserved, Ahmed Eid substituted for Ayman Hefni, Ahmed Tawfiq for Ibrahim Salah or Tariq Hamed, Ahmed Dewidar compensates for any absence in the defensive hearts, Khaled Qamar, striker No. 2 and Ahmed Ali, striker No. 3.

Strong defense and star of the team

Pachecos strong form made Zamalek maintain a clean sheet of 7 out of 12 matches, while he shined on the offensive side, Moamen Zakaria, who modified Pacheco from his position and employed him in the left wing position and relied on him until his departure despite the warnings of the Zamalek president because the position of his purchase from Enppi was not resolved, which caused In a clash between the coach and the club president.

On the right side, Pacheco adjusted Hazem Emam’s position to the right wing position, and all the Zamalek captain’s participation with the Portuguese came in this position in front of Omar Jaber, the main right-back.

Pacheco 2020

Zamalek lost 25 players from the list that Pacheco owned, and only Jensh, Abu Jabal, Hazem Imam, Youssef Obama, and Tariq Hamed were left among the list that contained 30 players in the 2014-2015 season.

How could Pacheco play in the second term?

The 4-2-3-1 method Without discussion, it will be Pachecos method, as he used it with Zamalek in its defensive form, and it is also the method that Carteron, the former coach of Zamalek, and before him, relied on and most of those who followed him.

On the level of individuals, Pacheco will not find a problem. Whoever hires a firm position in the right wing position will find the same player on his list and a competitor who may play the same role and play with the same foot, Ahmed Syed “Zizou”.

Ashraf Bencharki, the star of the white team, without a doubt, is the first candidate to play the role of Moamen Zakaria with Pacheco, as he has the skill and intelligence to move to play as a second striker in addition to his ability to pay and lead the team in the attack, and Tariq Hamed is more experienced and still maintains the same physical performance and in the attack he will find the Portuguese A close version of Bassem Morsi and the same situation in the left-back position, Abdullah Jumaa, his position is very similar to Ahmed Samir, the former left back of the team, in hiring them from the center of the field in this position.

Only the most important question remains: Is Pacheco relying on Mohamed Hassan with Tariq Hamed for the coach’s inclination for Jouaia Hassan with Tariq Hamid on behalf of Ferjani Sassi, or whether the trio will gather together and dispense with Yusef Obama as he did against the Ismaili 2014.


Bachcio beats Carteron in having the coach a strong personality for which he is famous and which caused him crises with Mortada Mansour, but here things look different in the presence of Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of the ball, which differs from those who worked previously in handling matters before reaching the club president, which is what the Portuguese miss in His initial term.

It is expected that the two formations for Pacheco and Zamalek in a state of everyone’s readiness will be as follows:

Guarding the maria: Gensh.

Defense: Hazem Imam, Al-Wensh, Mahmoud Alaa, Abdullah Jumaa.

Middle: Tariq Hamed, Ferjani Sassi.

Attacking midfielder: Ahmed Syed “Zizou” – Obama – Ashraf Bencharki.

The attack: Mustafa Muhammad.

The second formation:

Guarding the maria: Gensh.

Defense: Hazem Imam, Al-Wensh, Mahmoud Alaa, Abdullah Jumaa.

Middle: Tariq Hamed – Mohamed Hassan – Ferjani Sassi.

Attacking midfielder: Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” – Ashraf Bencharki.

Attacker: Mostafa Mohamed.


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