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Internet security experts have warned Android users of a number of common applications that could leave them in an unwanted state of shock.

And 3 applications were discovered on the Google Play Store, which may leave those who download them face a bad surprise. The apps, which have been installed more than 2.4 million times, have the ability to send unwanted messages to devices with unwanted ads.

The apps, which include a game called “Shock your friends”, were detected by Avast’s safety team. Once installed, it can then start showing ads aggressively.

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Warnings of high rates of electronic fraud!

The discovery comes after a girl reported a TikTok profile promoting what appeared to be a suspicious app, for Avast’s Be Safe Online project in the Czech Republic, which teaches children how to stay safe online.

The apps are believed to have earned the people behind the scam more than $ 500,000. This is according to data from Sensor Tower, a mobile app intelligence and marketing company.

“We thank the little girl who reported on the TikTok profile,” said Jacob Vavra, Avast Threat Analyst. “Her awareness and responsible action is the kind of commitment we all have to show to make the online world a safer place. The apps we’ve discovered are scams and policy-violators. Google and Apple applications, whether by making misleading claims about the app’s functionality, or by displaying advertisements outside the app and hiding the original app icon, soon after installing the app. It is particularly worrying that apps are being promoted on social media platforms that are popular among young children, who may They don’t recognize some of the red flags surrounding apps. ”

The three apps that Avast is interested in: ThemeZone, AndTap Roulette ++Shock my Friend, AndUlimate Music Downloader.

Users should think about what they are paying for, and whether the app’s price makes sense given what it offers. Before downloading apps, you should check the permissions the app is requesting.

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