Angham reveals the fact that she is ready to marry for the fifth time


Hung up The artist Angham, On the state of controversy that prevailed in the social media, after the release of her latest music video, “Bahebak and Bartholak”, after a number of activists speculated that she directed the song’s lyrics to a new love in her life.
Received Melodies On this controversy, she made a statement to the ET program in Arabic, saying that she ignores these rumors because they are very provocative to her, denying that she is ready to marry for the fifth time.

This comes after the interaction of a large number of fans and fans of the artist Angham, with her latest music clips, “Bahebak and Brathalik”, a few minutes after it was launched on her official YouTube channel.

Activists noted that Angham wears a “ring” in her right hand, which sparked controversy about her willingness to marry for the fifth time, especially since the lyrics of her new song are full of romance. In the clip, she appears as a girl immersed in love. And longing To her lover.

Angham had previously married 4 times, the last of which was from music distributor Ahmed Ibrahim, who separated from him several months ago, and married for the first time the sound engineer Magdy Aref, and this marriage lasted 5 years and resulted in the birth of her son Omar, then separated from him.

In 2004, Angham married the music distributor Fahd, and this marriage lasted 3 years and gave birth to her second son, Omar, and ended with khula, and the third marriage in Angham’s life was from Ahmed Ezz, and it was a secret marriage and lasted for only one year.

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