Apple introduces the next iPhone 12 without headphones to cut costs


The company “Apple” is working to reduce costs during the assembly of smart phones, by withdrawing the charger from the accessories attached to the phone. In the trial version of iOS 14.2In the legal information section, the company removed the wired devices bundled with iPhones, which indicates that iPhone 12 The new and all other models from the moment the new products are announced will be sold without headphones in the box.

The company explained in its presentation for the month of September that the power supply unit in the smart watch group refused to add the charger, due to environmental concerns, as according to their idea, everyone in the house should already have several chargers from other equipment, so in 2020, there is no point. Than add another shipment.

Meanwhile, the complaints of a large number of owners of “iPhones” phones have increased, during the past few days, that their phones’ battery is depleted faster than usual after installing the system. iOS 14 New released by Apple earlier this month.

The reasons for this problem, which is one of the technical problems accompanying each update from Apple, is due to the iPhone carrying out many tasks in the background for some time after

Installing a new operating system, such as re-indexing system files and files stored in the device, a process that may last for a few hours or several days depending on the phone model used.


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