Arifa Abdel Rasoul reveals to You-Youm Al-Sabea TV the details of the crisis, which she photographed in swimsuits.


Actress Arefah Abdel Rasoul specialized in the seventh day television in a dialogue in which she responded to the swimsuit image crisis, which caused controversy during the past days, and said that the photo that she published on her Facebook account and was attacked because of it was not wearing a “bikini swimsuit”, adding: “The one who attacked me because of my dress Come on, this is their brain, I am wearing a (pocket) and (shorts) swimsuit, “confirming that it is” modest “.

Arifa Abdel Rasoul added, in the interview that the seventh day television took with her to talk about the recent swimsuit crisis, as well as the professional side and personal life of her: “You have seen who is a bikini, and after the sea they will wear why eh.” This attack.

And about the scenes of taking the picture and publishing it, she said: “I was tired of my groceries for a whole day from my work effort, and I took a vacation and wrote, I said I found a good man, I mean.” And she stressed that she will not delete the picture from her personal account on “Facebook.”

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