Art News British actress forced to have sex … New Look, Amr Diab’s daughter, knives surround Madeleine Tabar


The “Echo Al Balad” news site has published many important news related to art during the past hours, the most prominent of which are presented through the following report:

Nour, the daughter of the plateau, Amr Diab, published a new photo of her through her account on the “Instagram” photo application, revealing that she tied her hair, unlike what it was before, when she left it on her shoulders.

A state of anticipation and fear afflicted all the employees of the program “Sweet Ya Donia” presented by the artist Madeleine Tabar, on the channel Ten, while she was hosting the famous dagger player Mahmoud Abu Al-Aynin, when Madeleine decided to stand before him and his daughter, Dr. Rouh, to aim his father’s daggers towards them, so that those moments pass Al-Asiba in peace after Abul-Enein managed to shoot the wooden board in front of which Madeleine and his daughter stood.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the international actress, Charlotte Kirk (28 years), claims to file a lawsuit against 3 of the biggest Hollywood producers, on the sidelines of the fact that she was forced to have sex, in exchange for a financing deal of up to 450 million dollars.

The artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin published a photo of her with the artists Lubna Abdel Aziz and Sherif Mounir. After the success of the radio series “The Pillow Is Still Empty”.


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