Artist Murad Makram: “What happens in the northern coast, Merdish Hadd”


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The artist, Murad Makram, expressed his dissatisfaction with what happened in the northern coast this year, stressing that it is completely different from each year, especially the quarrels that occurred regarding Islamic swimsuits and bikinis, along with the completely insecure coastal road and many accidents and hundreds of young people.

“Makram” added, during a telephone conversation with the media man Manal Salama, on the “Sweet Speech” program, broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, this evening, Thursday, that negligence in raising children, especially in the rich and poor classes, unfortunately, pointing out that our eastern society needs To rehabilitate, especially the youth and the new generations, in the Eastern morals, customs and traditions

He continued: “I ask the state to pay attention to the North Coast Road with many accidents, especially our young children,” noting that there are drivers who do not abide by the traffic rules on the road, and it is imperative that car drivers be regularly checked and drug abuse tests carried out.

Artist Murad Makram pointed out that there is something wrong with Egyptian society and the middle class is the one who is suffering now and is trying to educate their children on the authentic oriental customs, unlike those who try to imitate the West and their customs alien to our Egyptian society.

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