Artist Nadia Al-Iraqi reveals her exposure to bullying on social media


The artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, commented on being bullied due to the publication of a picture of her on her “Instagram” account and her children, on social networking sites.

Nadia Al-Iraqiya added, in a telephone interview to the “ninth” program presented by Wael El-Ibrashy, on the Egyptian Channel 1, that the comments caught her attention and disturbed her, stressing that her children were affected a lot due to the bullying of them on social media sites.

She explained that those who bully people are nothing but psychiatric patients, commenting: “Now because people are making money, making videos to the point of reaching prostitution on TikTok and YouTube..And there are girls who make videos that cover their face and their body naked in order to answer money”, demanding to stop this matter through Enacting harsh laws on these sites.


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