“Asleep with an open phone next to the game” .. “PUBGY” kills a child in Port Said (details)


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“Asleep with his mobile phone open to the game PUBG,” this is how the parents of the child Muhammad S., 12 years old, found that he was sleeping, but they did not know at the time that the famous game killed him.

The Peace Hospital in Port Said received the child “Muhammad”, and the initial examination revealed that the child had died of cardiac arrest. The child’s family said that they found him lying on the ground without movement, with his mobile phone open to the “PUBG game” next to him.

The child died on the spot, and was placed in a hospital morgue until the burial permit was issued.

The child’s body was kept in the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, in order to determine the causes of death and determine the circumstances of the accident and until the burial was authorized.

Last February, a 17-year-old boy died inside Kafr El-Zayat Hospital. He was attacked by one of his friends because of the game of “PUBG” as well: “After he beat his colleague, he told him you are my death in the game and I am truly wrenching you.” For his death on the spot.

The Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa had previously warned against the game of “PUBG”, and said in a fatwa: It is not surprising – if I know this – that games and recreation are permissible in Islam if interests are considered and harmful ones are avoided Taking into account people’s souls and their boring natures, and always desires to renew psychological, mental and physical activity.

And he continued: With this permissibility and generosity, we should not lose sight of the controls set by the noble Sharia for playing games, through which a person maintains his religion, himself, family and social relations, money, time, safety, and the safety of others.

The Fatwa Center specified these controls in the following points: That the play be beneficial, its benefit to the soul, the mind, or the body, that it does not distract from a legitimate duty, such as performing prayer or honor parents, and that it does not lead to wasting time and life, and does not distract from the duty of my life such as seeking useful knowledge Striving to obtain livelihood, fulfilling the emotional and financial rights of parents, the wife and children, and strengthening ties with them, so that playing does not lead to disagreements, rifts and disputes, to be free from forbidden mixing, uncovering shames to which cover is entitled, and free from harming people Because he is an honorable creature, it is not permissible to insult him by hitting his face – for example – or causing him harm.

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