At a cost of 26 billion pounds .. Roads and bridges: a global road linking a


10:40 AM

Monday 28 September 2020

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Major General Hossam Mostafa, head of the Roads and Bridges Authority, said that the start of the national road project was in 2014, under the direction of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, noting that the most prominent national projects for the roads on which the state is based is the “Cairo-Aswan” road, which the state is currently working on, With a length of 1155 km, the first phase of 230 km will be completed on the Fayoum road.

“The road will be global and have separate transport lanes, at a cost of EGP 26 billion,” Mustafa added in his Skype interview “This Morning” program on the “This Morning” channel, stressing that the road will be a main axis linking Cairo to Arqin port. It will be part of Cairo Cape Town Road.

He added that President Sisi’s directives included the establishment of 21 bridges on the Nile, as 7 bridges have been completed, and work is underway on 8 other bridges to link east and west Cairo.

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