Attention … a mark on the lips indicates infection with Corona


Researchers are still discovering the many ways in which the emerging coronavirus attacks the human body, and since the outbreak of the virus, scientific studies discover daily a set of new signs and symptoms that indicate infection.

According to the NHS, the main warning signs associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus are:

High temperature.

A persistent cough

Severe headache.

Loss of sense of taste and smell.

وحسب express, be warned The Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the emergence of two emergency warning signs that you should pay attention to on your face, according to the health authority, if you develop a bluish lips or face, you must seek emergency medical care immediately, because it indicates infection with the Corona virus.

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Other signs of an emergency include:

difficulty breathing.

Constant pain or pressure in the chest.


Inability to wake up or stay awake.

Scientists have also indicated that COVID-19 can also cause catastrophic complications in the body by triggering a process called a cytokine storm.

A cytokine storm is an overreaction of the body’s immune system.


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