Azaro “Hayes” and Budgie “Lais” after Al-Ahly’s contract with Musimane


As is the case in the round witch, there are no constants, and everything related to it revolves with time, after it is now a few hours separate us from the departure of the technical director of the Al-Ahly club, Rene Fyler, and Pitso Musimani, the former coach of the Sun Downs, assumed the technical responsibility of the Red Castle officially, to change this The decision is many things that no one expected.

Despite the state of recovery experienced by Alio Badji, the striker of Al-Ahly club during the recent period, he now faces an ambiguous fate with the new coach, especially after the famous incident that witnessed the Al-Ahly striker entering into an argument with the coach of the Sun Downs previously during the last match that brought the two teams together in the quarter-finals of the Champions League In South Africa, and ended with Al-Ahly tied with a goal to qualify for the semi-finals with the aggregate of the home and away matches.

Aliu Badji, had revealed the details of that altercation with Pitso Mosimane, the coach of Mamelodi Sun Downs South at that time, during his exit from the second leg, and Badji was during his substitution in the Al-Ahly match and Sun Downs, who had entered into a satirical conversation with Musimani, who strongly objected to the style His slow motion off the field.

“Musimane talks a lot, this is never professional, he kept talking to me a lot, and he was asking me to get off the field quickly,” Badge said.

He added: “He was speaking in a very fast way, to the point where I did not understand what he was saying, and I told him if you did not win this time then try again, this sentence surprised him and he looked at me with great amazement“.

As for Walid Azzaro, who was close to collecting his belongings, the Red Castle and searching for a new destination, refusing to renew his contract in which there is only one season left, it seems that things will completely change after the departure of Rainia Fyler, who was the only obstacle in Azaros relationship with Al-Ahly, after the Swiss obstinacy in granting Al-Maghribi had a chance to play and got into a crisis with him that ended with the loan of Azaro to the Saudi agreement last January.


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