Babri Mosque: The Indian judiciary acquits leaders of the ruling party in the case of its demolition


Lal Krishna Advani (left) and Uma Bharti (right) waged a judicial struggle that spanned several years.

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Lal Krishna Advani (left) and Uma Bharti (right) have fought a long-term judicial struggle.

A special court in India has acquitted several senior leaders of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of charges against them in connection with their alleged role in the demolition of the Babri Mosque in 1992.

The defendants, including former Deputy Prime Minister Lal Krishna Advani and the two leaders of the party, M.M. Joshi and Uma Bharti, had consistently denied all the charges against them, including inciting masses of Hindus to demolish the mosque in the town of Ayodhya, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

The demolition of the mosque led to the outbreak of violence, which claimed nearly 2,000 lives.

The incident was also considered a pivotal point in the rise of the extreme right-wing Hindu star in Indian political life.

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