Barcelona Coman hits hard at the start of his season


Promising Barca star Ansu Fati opened the scoring early by signing a 15-19 double, while club legend Lionel Messi signed the third from the 35th penalty, and yellow submarine player Pau Torres sealed the scoring when he accidentally entered the ball into his team’s 45 + 1 goal.

Barcelona made a strong show in which he showed the features of a different team from last season, especially with the investment of Fati, Coutinho, and then Dembele, even less in the second half.

Barcelona won 3 points from their first game of the season, while Villarreal, the team coached by Unai Emery, stuck at point 4.

Messi scored in all 17 seasons he spent in the Spanish League (the last 17 seasons).

The Spanish League decided to postpone the first two matches of Barcelona in the current season, to give its players a more rest, after their participation in the final rounds of the last version of the Champions League, which ended last month.

Barcelona dispelled fears after the departure of Suarez, Chilean Arturo Vidal, Croatian Ivan Rakitic, Nelson Simedo and Brazilian Arthur, stressing his readiness to return to the coronation podiums that he missed last season in all competitions.

And Barcelona hit hard and decided the result in the first half by scoring a four-way thanks to the strong offensive performance of its players, especially in the rebellions led by the Argentine quartet Lionel Messi, the Brazilian Felipe Coutinho, Anso Fati and the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann.

Fati succeeded in opening the scoring with a powerful shot from his right from inside the area, after a pass from Jordi Alba (15).

Fati added the second goal after a counter-attack led by Brazilian Felipe Coutinho from the middle of his team’s stadium in the middle of the guests ’stadium and passed it to the promising unattended striker at the edge of the area.

And goalkeeper Asenjio saved his goal from a third goal by blocking a powerful shot by Messi from close range after a private pass after a pass from Fati (26).

And Fati got a penalty kick after being blocked by the captain Mario Gaspar Vanbere, the captain of Messi, successfully (35).
Barcelona strengthened its lead with the fourth goal with friendly fire when Messi passed a cross into the area to Sergio Buscets, defender Bao tried to keep it away, so he followed it by mistake inside his team’s goal (45 + 1).

Coman pushed the French duo Othman Dembele and Pedro Gosnales for Fati and Coutinho (70) without changing the result.

Brazilian goalkeeper Neto played a key role in Barcelonas goal due to the absence of his German main goalkeeper Ter Stegen, who underwent knee surgery in mid-August and will return to the stadiums after less than a month.


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