Barcelona issues a statement regarding the signature campaign to withdraw confidence from Bartomeu


News Now | Barcelona – Spain (agencies)

Barcelona announced today, Monday evening, in an official statement, the steps taken after the recent signature campaign, to block confidence in the club’s board of directors headed by Giuseppe Bartomeu.

The statement indicated that, “In accordance with the voting protocols on the vote of no-confidence, stipulated in Article 55 of the club’s articles of association, a voting oversight board has been appointed, consisting of two members of the club’s board of directors, the first two members to sign the request, and a delegate from the Catalan Federation.”

He added, “The board of directors will be responsible for overseeing the process, through the following members: Marta Plana and Judri Arjimi, members of the board, Jordi Fari and Josep Triadou, the first two members to sign the request.”

He continued: “The Board of Directors will meet on September 29 at 9:30 am, and within 10 working days, to ensure that the vote on the application has met all the necessary requirements, has good reason and sufficient support among the members, as stipulated in the system. Primary

The statement clarified that the council will be able to nullify votes whose validity will not be sufficiently validated, and has the authority to make the necessary inquiries to ensure their validity.

And he completed: “If all the requests are met, the request will be accepted, and the Board of Directors will call for a vote, which must take place no later than 10 working days, and not more than 20 days. If the requirements are not met, the vote request will be rejected for a vote of no confidence.”


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