Barcelona news: Messi clarifies his comments on the departure of Suarez


Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez – Barcelona – La Liga

Sport 360 – the face of Lionel Messi, superstar BarcelonaA message to the masses The Catalan teamJust a few days after the start of the new football season 2020/2021, which Barca kicked off with a big victory over Villarreal.

و .شعل Messi The atmosphere in Barcelona throughout this summer, first by announcing his desire to leave Barca, then by criticizing the project of Josep Maria Bartomeu, before he opened fire on the club’s management because of his colleague Luis Suarez.

Messi reassures Barcelona fans: I’ll play to win

Messi said in exclusive statements he made to the newspaper (SportSpanish: “Whoever knows me knows that I am not able to play for anything other than always winning, and presenting everything on the field. It has been like this throughout my career, and that will never change.

He continued: “I understand that there will be those who think that I should have kept calm, or let it pass, as is the case in many other things that I have allowed to pass, but there have been many things that have hurt me in recent weeks, and this was my way of expressing it. “.

He added, “This team will do its best, with the sole aim of achieving the happiness that football always brings, especially for our fans, who deserve it so much.”

He concluded by saying, “As for my statements about the departure of Luis Suarez, I only said what I felt in some difficult moments for me.”

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