Bebo in response to Amara and Hanafi’s accusations: “Defaming Al-Ahly’s children is not appropriate.”


Khaled Bebo, head of the junior sector at Al-Ahly club, responded to the accusations leveled against him throughout the past period of deliberately excluding the children of the stars from the sector due to problems and trends outside the ball. They work and know their place, and discussion is an essential thing. There is no compulsion or unilateral decision, and we put a plan in line with the support of the first party.

Wasel: I am not interested in social media and I have noticed everything that is outside the scope of my work, and I excuse every father who thinks that his son must be present in the club and his right to revolt, and he added: But only what is left can be defamated because it is not appropriate for the children of Al-Ahly and it is not correct for me to respond to him and respect everyone And I think that you should not enter into an argument, they are the captain of Al-Ahly and I played with them.

He concluded: The technical part relates to the foreign technical director and the technical committee, and they are the ones who choose who remains and who leaves, and I do not interfere at all with the technical responsibility. I only provide them with all the means for a good work, and a person cannot decide alone.

Earlier, he expressed Muhammad Emara Regarding his extreme anger at the “settling of scores”, as he described it, at the expense of his son, saying, “I have not lost my son, Khaled Bebo in the youth sector in 2005, and after he took charge of the youth sector, he dismissed the coach who did not give his son the opportunity to participate, he dismissed A coach from a position he held for 9 years at Al-Ahly for his son.

Mohamed Emara said earlier, that he does not mind his son joining the Zamalek and Pyramids club in the coming days if he has a desire to do so, especially after the youth sector of the Al-Ahly club has dispensed with the rising player during the past hours, and Hisham Hanafi added, I do not know the reason for the departure of my two sons This timing is not the time for players to leave, stressing that his departure from Al-Ahly for non-technical reasons.


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