Believe it or not, coffee protects men from serious illness


Many are ignorant of the health benefits of consuming it, as it is able to protect the body from the most dangerous diseases if eaten in controlled quantities.

And according to Bright Sight, numerous studies conducted over the past decades have proven that coffee has a mostly negative effect on our health. It was also mentioned that it could lead to the development of cancerous diseases. However, this assumption has not been proven accurate in recent years.

And research conducted by the Department of Clinical Studies of Health at the University of Milan and the Department of Epidemiology of the Mario Negeri Institute showed that coffee consumption actually reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Another common misconception about coffee has to do with its effect on the cardiovascular system.

Studies by scientists from Harvard School of Public Health, the National University of Singapore, Brigham and Women’s Hospital have also shown that people who drink 3-5 cups of coffee per day are three times less likely to suffer from a heart condition than those who drink other drinks.

The study also points out that there is no significant difference between drinking one or 3 cups of coffee because such a small amount will not have any negative impact on the work of the cardiovascular system.


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