Beware .. frequent urination in women portends a serious illness


Doctors and nutritionists always advise to be careful to drink abundant amounts of water daily, which may cause frequent urination, especially for women, and this condition is natural and beneficial for the body in order to get rid of toxins, but you must be very careful about this symptom, as the frequent urination in women may have other reasons more complicated; Such as diabetes, or edema of kidney disease, which requires you to visit a specialist doctor for the necessary tests.

Beware of “diabetes”

If diabetes remains untreated, its health effects are serious, and include, according to the World Health Organization, the following:

Damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves, as adults with diabetes have a double or triple risk of heart attacks and strokes.

– Poor blood flow and neuropathy (nerve damage) at the level of the feet increases the risk of foot ulcers and infection, and ultimately the necessity of amputating the limbs.

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the main causes of blindness, and it occurs as a result of the long-term accumulation of damage to the small blood vessels in the retina. Diabetes mellitus accounts for 2.6% of blindness in the world.

Diabetes is one of the main causes of kidney failure.

Diabetes symptoms

Symptoms of diabetes include:


Extreme hunger

– frequent urination.

– Weight loss.

Blurred vision.

– Fatigue and tiredness.

Effects of hydrocephalus on the body

Hydrocephalus, according to the Cleveland Clinic website, is a condition that affects one or both kidneys, where the kidneys swell as a result of the accumulation of excess fluid in them. One kidney consists of two parts, the first section works to filter the blood and remove the surplus water, salts and wastes, while the second section collects urine. When a blockage occurs in the section that collects urine, the kidneys swell due to the accumulation of fluid in them.

If not treated promptly, one or both kidneys may suffer permanent damage, resulting in the patient having kidney failure.

Symptoms of kidney edema

Symptoms of hydrocephalus include:

Sudden or severe pain in the back or side of the body.

Feeling sick.


Frequent urination or pain when urinating.

Blood in the urine.

Feeling weak or unwell.

Fever due to urinary tract infections.


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