Beware .. habits as soon as you wake up destroy your health


Experts have explained some of the wrong health habits that many people make in the morning that damage the body.

According to the medical website “Heath,” urgency may push some people to commit some wrong habits that are destructive to public health, in the early morning, including:

Leave the bed as soon as you wake up

Experts advised that it is necessary to wait a few minutes in bed before leaving bed, due to the risk of changing the position of the body from lying down to standing up suddenly when waking up, because it may cause low blood pressure.

– Snooze the alarm

Studies have also warned against pressing the nap of the alarm when waking up in order to sleep for an additional few minutes, because sleeping for 10 minutes negatively affects the activity of the body throughout the day.

Sitting in the dark

Many people are advised to sit in the dark and not open the windows of their room immediately upon waking up from sleep, but this habit deprives the many benefits that the sun provides for general health, such as enhancing activity, increasing focus and supplying the body with vitamin D.


Some people get used to drinking coffee on an empty stomach immediately after waking up, which may cause the body to produce less cortisol, because the caffeine in your morning drink interferes with the production of cortisol in the body, which contributes to low levels of glucose in the blood.

– Breakfast

Lack of breakfast causes a decrease in the physical ability to carry out activities throughout the day, as well as a feeling of headache and fatigue.


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