Beware of the danger of caffeine. A cup of tea for the child is all a problem


Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling Reed, a specialist in infant and young child nutrition, has warned of the dangers of drinking tea and coffee for children under the age of five due to caffeine.

Danger tea for children

Charlotte said in an article on leicestermercury, that it is best to avoid drinking tea for children under the age of five years because of its huge negative impact on health.

She added that drinking tea reduces the absorption of iron in the body of children due to the substance Tanis, and the caffeine in tea impedes the body’s absorption of calcium, which is beneficial for the health and growth of bones and may cause body pain, especially the lower extremities, and muscle weakness.

One of the risks of drinking tea for children is that it erodes the enamel layer of the child’s teeth, which leads to tooth decay and molars and a lot of pain for the child.

The caffeine in tea works to stimulate the child’s nervous system, which leads to a lack of sleep and nocturnal insomnia, and this is a danger to the health of the child because sleep is very beneficial for the child, especially at night, to secrete growth hormone, which helps build muscles and heal the body.

The caffeine found in tea and coffee, as well as soft water, leads to hyperactivity, distraction, and poor concentration.

Also, mixing tea with milk has no benefit, on the contrary, tea contains antioxidants that affect the body’s use of milk proteins.

And caffeine works on diuresis, which may lead to problems for the child with nocturnal urination during sleep, which causes discomfort for the parents.


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