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It is no secret that the immune system is primarily responsible for protecting the human body from the dangers it faces, as this device acts very quickly, against any danger coming taking advantage of its tight and complex network of tissues, cells, and others.

Currently, there is increasing talk about the importance of the strong immune system in the time of Corona, because of its great role in protecting against the Corona virus, waiting to find a vaccine or drug against this virus, which turned the world upside down.

However, the immune system may lose its strength and become weak, which may expose a person to a real danger and lose one of the important weapons in his defense. The German website “Vondig Vibe” indicates that there are six signs of a weak immune system.


Each of us feels tired at a certain moment of the day, after making a certain physical or mental effort, but feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day and just wanting to go to bed and sleep may be a sign of a weak immune system.

More vulnerable to viruses and bacteria

The German “Vondig Vibe” website reported that susceptibility to infection with viruses and bacteria is one of the signs indicating the weakening of the immune system, as infection with viruses and bacteria makes the human body always vulnerable to various types of diseases, and thus enters it into a cycle of continuous suffering.

the disease

Often the body itself is able to fight the pathogens of the disease, as it has the ability to overcome disease and recover, but suffering from a serious disease may often be a sign of a weak immune system, according to the same source.

More prone to allergies

Another sign of the weakening of the human immune system is suffering from different types of allergies at the same time, as the human body loses its ability to resist the allergens, which may be present in different types of food and others.

Impaired wound healing

The body has the ability to heal wounds that the human body may be exposed to, as doing so does not require much time. However, the situation is different for people with weak immune systems, as their wounds heal slowly and take longer to heal.


The “Fonding Vibe” website states that frequent diarrhea, gingivitis and gastroenteritis are signs of a weakened immune system.

Tips to strengthen the immune system

In contrast, a group of simple steps can be taken to strengthen the immune system and enjoy a better health condition. The German site “Freundinen” notes that among these steps there are, for example: enjoying a good amount of sleep, relying on a healthy diet, avoiding anxiety and stress, in addition to being keen on exercising.



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