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Biden likens Trump to ...

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden expected Saturday that President Donald Trump will release “lies” and attack him personally in the first TV debate

Predicting Democratic US presidential candidate Joe Biden Saturday that President Donald Trump released “lies” and personally attacked him in their first television debate Tuesday, likening the Republican candidate to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

The former US Vice President admitted in an interview broadcast on “MSNBC” that “it will be difficult.”

Speaking of the Republican president, he added, “I expect direct attacks, the majority of which will be personal. That’s all he is good at.”

Biden, a 77-year-old veteran of US politics, faces for the first time directly Tuesday with the president, whose Democratic candidate vowed to defeat him at the end of a competition in which he raised the slogan of ridding the country of Donald Trump.

They will meet in two other debates as well, before the elections scheduled for November 3.

Biden said Trump “doesn’t know how to discuss the facts. He is not so smart, “considering that he” does not know much about foreign policy or domestic policy. He is not aware of the details. ”

That is why Biden believed that Trump would target him especially with “personal attacks and lies.”

Biden said that Trump “is kind of like Goebbels,” adding, “If you lie too long and repeat the lie over and over, it becomes public information.”

“People know the president is a liar,” Biden said, adding, “It shouldn’t be surprising. So I am ready to go, to explain why I think it failed and why I think my proposals will help the Americans and the American economy and enhance our security in the international arena. ”

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