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A recent study confirmed that the lack of “interferon” in the human body may lead to a worsening of the cases of those infected with the Coronavirus, according to what was reported by Bloomberg News.

The agency said that when two brothers were infected with the “Covid-19” virus around the same time in March, doctors were puzzled, as they were both young – 29 and 31 – and were in good health, yet, within days, they were unable to From breathing alone, and one of them tragically died.

Two weeks later, two other brothers in their twenties were discovered in the Netherlands, where geneticists were called to study and verify the matter, and to find out the extent of the influence of the genetic factor on cases of infection with the Coronavirus.

After completing the study, scientists discovered that there is a new path that may lead to understanding the nature of severe cases with different genetic changes and sex and to know the cause of the loss of immune function.

Scientists confirmed, according to Al-Qabas, that this path may bring a new approach to treating thousands of Corona virus patients.

The common denominator in the research is the absence of a substance called “interferon” that helps coordinate the body’s defense against viral pathogens and can be implanted to treat other conditions such as infectious hepatitis.

“Interferons” are small proteins of several types that are produced by activated T lymphocytes.

And now mounting evidence indicates that a minority of Corona patients may develop severe disease due to a poor antiviral response.

Two notable studies published in the journal Science showed that insufficient interferon could be a dangerous turning point in MERS infection.

For his part, Professor Shane Croty at the Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Research Center at La Jolla Institute of Immunology in California said: “It seems that this virus has one big trick … This big trick is to avoid the primary innate immune response for a long period of time, and in particular, Avoid early response from type 1 interferon, specifically interferon.

The new study sheds light on treatments based on “interferon”, which include drugs such as remdesivir and convalescent plasma produced by Gilead Sciences, which is a component of recovering patients’ blood that may contain beneficial immune factors.

In turn, Alexander Hoshin, head of the Immunotechnology Group at the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, said: “We believe that timing may be necessary, especially in the very early stage where virus particles can be fought and defended against infection.”

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