“Bullets and Bread” wins the Red Sea Film Festival grant


The Red Sea International Film Festival announced that the Egyptian film project “Lead and Bread”, directed by Mohamed Hammad, won the prize for the production grant for Arab films, which is worth 500 thousand dollars.

The project is produced by Mohamed Hefzy (Film Clinic) with Kholoud Saad, in their second collaboration with Hammad after his film “Green… dry” which won 28 local and international awards and was shown in more than 50 festivals around the world.

In October 2019, the Lead and Bread project was selected among 12 projects out of 120 projects from 16 countries to participate in the inaugural session of the Red Sea Film Factory, so that the selected projects join an integrated program that includes 3 workshops held in cooperation with Turin Film Lab in Jeddah under the supervision of international experts in The fields of directing, photography, sound and montage.

The Lead and Bread project won the award through a jury that included Egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah, producer Nadia Turin Seif, producer and writer Minolf Zorhost, and the jury expressed her enjoyment of the dynamic in the heart of the film, looking forward to seeing it soon on the big screen.

The Lead and Bread project is based on the story of the Egyptian writer Tamer Abd Rabb Al Nabi, and the film tells the story of Youssef, a young man from Cairo who performs his military service on the Egyptian desert border, and dreams of being a writer.

As for Awad, he is a dangerous road bandit who belongs to one of the remote tribes, and dreams of stability and building a better life for his family in Cairo. The two meet by chance, and an unexpected friendship is born between them.


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