Cairo University In response to the video of the Qasr Al-Aini fight: the child’s mother threw water on her son while he was being treated for burns


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Cairo University said that it had conducted an investigation into the video circulating on social networking sites of a quarrel and attacks on the medical staff of Qasr Al-Aini Hospital on the family of a child.

Dr. Ahmed Taha, Director General of Hospitals at Cairo University, explained, in a statement, the truth of what happened that the child came to Kasr Al-Aini emergency a few days ago with burns in separate places in the lower part of his body, and the child received the necessary aid and the burns were treated with conservative treatment for several days until His condition was completely stabilized and the burns were almost completely healed, and the treating doctor decided for him to leave the hospital to complete the treatment in order to avoid any microbial contamination of the wounds due to his long stay in the hospital, but the sick child’s parents refused to leave the hospital, and his mother took him to the bathroom and stripped him of his clothes and poured water on him believing By this, it cleans the scales covering the place of burns, which provoked doctors and nursing staff due to the mother’s misbehavior, which would harm the child.

Dr. Ahmed Taha added that everyone was surprised by the attack of the child’s family on the medical staff, which prompted them to call the security personnel to control the situation, then the treating doctor performed the appropriate replacement for the child, and then he was discharged from the hospital after the doctor explained how to deal with the effects of burns to his family until complete healing .

On the other hand, Dr. Mahmoud Alam El Din, the official spokesperson of Cairo University, said that Dr. Mohamed El-Khasht, President of Cairo University, as soon as he saw the facts of what happened and watched the video, instructed the Qasr Al-Aini Hospital administration to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the facts contained in the video and take appropriate legal and administrative measures Emphasizing Cairo University’s keenness to provide medical care to those who are visiting its hospitals in a framework of respect and appreciation that is commensurate with the medical profession as a humanitarian profession in the first place and has its dignity and prestige as well as the status and history of Cairo University and its ancient medical school.

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