Cameras exposed him … a father drowns his disabled son, seeking insurance money (video)


A father was arrested in southern China after surveillance cameras documented a horrific incident that he committed against his mentally handicapped son, who pushed him to the sea and left him drowning in greed for the insurance money!

The father, who is from the Yang family, told police in Hainan that his son fell into the water and was missing, in an attempt to suggest that it was a normal accident, according to Chinese media.

Yang later admitted to authorities that he had falsified his son’s disappearance, which “was a heavy burden on the family,” one officer said.

Yesterday, Hainan police found the body of Yang’s 38-year-old son and detained the suspect, amid an ongoing investigation.

On Monday, the authorities received a communication from the father, who was reported to be at the age of 64, and claimed that his mentally handicapped son had accidentally fallen into the sea and disappeared.

During the investigation, the officers found CCTV footage of Yang’s son being pushed into the sea by a man in the same clothes as the father. The parent also seemed unusually calm without showing any sadness or meltdown.

Initially, Yang denied the allegation and repeatedly asked the police to issue an official notice establishing his son’s “accidental disappearance”.

Then the man eventually admitted that he had planned the accident with a distant relative, hoping to claim insurance money for his own use.

The father, who is from Hunan Province in southwest China, came up with the idea of ​​falsifying his son’s disappearance when he visited Hainan Island in southern China in mid-September.

Reports said he called his distant relative, known by his family name Lee, and offered a family member 6,000 yuan (£ 685) to help him with the task.

After traveling to Hainan with son Yang, the three went to a local pier in the early hours of September 28.

Chilling footage initially shows the father gesturing to his cousin to push his son, who was urinating as he stood at the edge of the sea. After the relative hesitated to execute, Yang advanced and pushed his son into the sea.

The suspect later admitted to officers that he had purchased personal accident insurance for his son last year.

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