Canceling the case of denying the lineage of Hala Sidqi’s children … and the latter comments


The Egyptian actress, Hala Sidqi, announced on her Instagram account the cancellation of the case brought against her by her husband Sameh Sami, to question the lineage of her children to her.Commenting on the news, she wrote, according to (Norte), saying: “Yesterday the disgraceful and humiliating case for me and my children was canceled by the respectful husband because his lawyer did not enter the hall after he made sure that we attended and with us all the evidence and proofs of his lie and his claim. But he succeeded in defaming. “

On the other hand, Hala Sidqi had announced that legal steps had been taken against her husband Sameh Sami and lawyer Salah Al-Sakka, who declared her.

Hala confirmed that she will not waive her right, explaining that the apology of lawyer Salah El-Sakka is unacceptable, indicating that she has submitted reports to the Attorney General against the sites that she is known for and published false news about her.Hala stressed that what her husband said was incorrect when he said that she did not have the ability to have children and questioned the lineage of her two sons, “Mary and Samo,” noting that the disagreements with her husband were five years ago, explaining that she respected his decision to travel to the United States of America, but She refused to travel with him, and endured insults and insults on social media, but now she will not be silent and will speak and take her right.

Lawyer Sameh Sami, husband of the artist Hala Sidqi, appeared in a video in which he confirmed his continuation in the cases against her, and that he would not waive any case against her, and that he was continuing to know the lineage of his children, demanding a DNA analysis.


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