Candidates to succeed Chachich in Pyramids … and the fact that Ikrami left Al-Ahly


The media, Ahmed Schubert, revealed that the fate of Karouti Ante Cacic, the technical director of Pyramids, depends on the outcome of the match between Horia Konakry of Guinea in the Confederation, and Schubert said in his radio program on On Sport FM, “People in Pyramids are not satisfied with Anticcic’s journey with the team, they say it is not useful.” He is walking now, but if he loses from Horia Konakry in the Confederation, he will not return from the plane, there will be a decision to dismiss him immediately.

Schubert added, “Pyramids if he thinks about hiring a foreign coach to succeed Cacic, then all options are on the table for him, for example, Emery, Marc Fota, or Martin Jol, any senior Pyramids coach can contract with, but if he thinks about a local coach, there is only Ihab Jalal.” .

And Schubert continued, “Pyramids decided to leave Ahmed Hamoudi, goalkeeper Ahmed Daadour and Omar El-Ayouni refused to continue“.

About Al-Ahly, Schubert said, “You will hear a lot of talk about negotiations with foreign players, but there is nothing for sure. It is only 100% sure that Al-Ahly is looking for an offer by Angolan Geraldo.”“.

On the departure of Ikrami Al-Shahat from Al-Ahly, Schubert said, “Captain Ikrami is a great name and an unforgettable symbol in the history of the Red Castle, but people in Al-Ahly are not satisfied with his recent appearance on a television program to talk about the recent crises of his son Sherif Ikrami and his daughter’s husband Ramadan Sobhi, and they say this. It is not his time and he is not supposed to speak now. Either they are walking around or he doesn’t complete information about it“.

The Dutchman Mark Fota, the former artistic director of the Ismaili, the Alexandria Union and the English Southampton and the Emirati Unity, entered the circle of candidates to take over the leadership of the Pyramids team during the coming period, succeeding the Croatian Ante Chatic, who became on the brink of leaving the leadership of the heavenly team, especially after Pyramids suffered a loss to Zamalek and then from El Gouna, to move away from the second-place struggle in the league table, which would have guaranteed the heavenly team to participate in the African Champions League in the new season.

ورحل Futa On the leadership of the United Arab Emirates team to become free at the present time, which prompted Ismaili and Pyramids officials to think about the possibility of contracting with the veteran Dutch coach in the coming period, but the financial return that Marc Fota would require is expected to be an obstacle to his approval to return to lead the dervishes, and it becomes Close to the heavenly team, which is preparing the team to win championships during the next stage.


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