Child Kazem in “Dada Dodi” by “Hen”: I was surprised by the reactions to my appearance change


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Ahmed Emad

Hundreds of thousands of comments poured into photos of the engagement of the young artist Ahmed Emad this month, after a noticeable change in his features, compared to his appearance in the movie “Dada Dodi” in 2008, in which he embodied the character of “Kadhim,” who suffers from depression and loneliness.

Ahmed Emad: In a girl she told me, the crush was gone from me

“Very happy with the reactions to Social Media, and people are still intellectual.” With these words, “Imad” expressed his happiness at the celebration of the pioneers of social networking sites, adding during his conversation with “Hen” that he followed all the comments and took the initiative to respond to everyone. ” In nice words from the girls, like the one who wrote the crush for me, I will be saved. ”He asserted that his fiancee received these“ adversities ”with“ laughter ”and overreach.

The pictures that caused the return of the conversation about “Kazem”, hide behind them a love story that began with a friendship 5 years ago and then turned into a state of love that ended with the official engagement, with the marriage to take place in the summer of 2021.

Child Kazem: I did not retire from artistic work

Regarding his retirement from artistic work after “Kazem”, “Imad” confirms that he is still working in the artistic field, and participated in several works during the 12 years after “Dada Dodi”, including: “Karmouz War” and “The President’s Shadow.”

It is noteworthy that during the past hours, the social networking site’s leaders have shared the engagement photos, interacting with it with comments that varied between blessing and surprise at the change in the features of “the child Kazem”, most notably: “You have grown up when .. I do not believe that Mada Dodi is 12 years old And, “You digested like this for the crunch menu with Ahmed Ezz,” and “You sure are not too clamorous and laugh at us,” “your appearance has completely changed.”


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