China approves trials of the first coronavirus vaccine, in the form of a nasal spray


Researchers revealed that China agreed to conduct experiments on the first coronavirus vaccine taken in the form of a nasal spray, explaining that the nasal vaccination may provide double protection against influenza viruses and the Coronavirus..

Nasal spray or injection, which is better

The site said “TheHealthSiteChina is one of the first competitors in the global race to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus COVID-19As there are 8 different vaccines undergoing clinical trials, but no vaccines have been approved in the market so far, Russia has registered its first candidate vaccine, Sputnik 5, which was developed by the Institute Gamaleya In Moscow in August, but China claimed it was giving coronavirus vaccines COVID-19 Developed locally for a wide range of people, including medical personnel, armed forces, and corporate employees who have been working overseas since July 22.

The site said that China has now approved the first vaccine in the form of a nasal spray for the Coronavirus COVID-19 For clinical trials, where the first phase of the nasal spray vaccine is expected to begin clinical trials in November with the recruitment of 100 volunteers.

China approves trials of the first coronavirus vaccine via a nasal spray
China approves trials of the first coronavirus vaccine as a nasal spray

How does the nasal spray vaccine work?

The vaccine was jointly developed by researchers from the University of Hong Kong and the University Xiamen Chinese media reported that it was the only vaccine of its kind approved by the Chinese Medical Products Administration.

According to researchers, the vaccine stimulates the natural pathway of infection for respiratory viruses to activate the immune response, adding that vaccination with a nasal spray can provide double protection against influenza, and the new corona virus, if it also contains influenza viruses, including H1N1 And H3N2 And B.

However, Yuen Kwok Young, a microbiologist at the University of Hong Kong, told Chinese media that it will take at least another year to finish the three clinical trials.

Nasal vaccination provides better protection against Coronavirus.

According to researchers, nasal spray vaccination is easier to administer, produce and distribute compared to injection, because nasal spray vaccination adopts influenza vaccine production technology, that is, it uses weak live influenza vaccine, China also uses 4 other technologies to develop coronavirus vaccines, including inactivated vaccines. Vaccines based on adenovirus vectors, and vaccines DNA And mRNA.

The nasal spray vaccine may not cause systemic side effects, but it may have an effect on the respiratory system, however, developers do not expect any serious side effects except for slight nasal obstruction or runny nose.


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