China enters the world of “space mining” by launching the first robot collecting rare metals


A Chinese company specializing in space affairs plans to launch the first robot into Earth orbit within the next two months to carry out planetary mining operations, with the aim of taking the lead in the operations of space industries. “Origin Space” The Chinese private space specialist, headquartered in Beijing, is the Robot “Niu 1”“.

According to “Sputnik”, the “New 1” robot is a small satellite, weighing only 30 kg, carried by a Chinese missile from a series “Long-March” To space next November.

The company called the spacecraft a “space mining robot,” noting that the next mission will include news of the robot’s ability to locate and extract valuable resources from minerals, and to carry out actual exploration operations on planets, according to the company’s statement, which was quoted by the newspaper. “IEEE Specturm”.

Yu Tianhong, one of the founders, said “Origin Space” Chinese, according to the American Scientific Journal that the goal of the launch of the robot is “to verify and prove multiple functions such as the orbital maneuver of the spacecraft, simulating the capture of small celestial objects, and the intelligent identification and control of spacecraft.”“.

The company confirms that its spacecraft will be the first space mining robot produced by a commercial company in the world, and this mission will be a milestone in the space resources and space mining industry..


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