Cholesterol-lowering medications reduce the severity of the Coronavirus for this reason


University of California health researchers recently reported that statin-lowering drugs are associated with a lower risk of developing Corona disease with severe complications, as well as faster recovery times. Coronavirus is prevented from entering, according to the Medical website.

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And the study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, found that patients with corona who took statins were better off.

There is a molecule or enzyme that facilitates the entry of the virus into human cells and is known as ACE2 Like a doorknob on the outside surfaces of many human cells, it helps regulate and lower blood pressure and this enzyme can be affected by prescription statins and other drugs used. For heart disease And blood vessels.

And in January, researchers discovered a new role for this enzyme that the Corona virus mainly uses by receptors to enter lung cells and create respiratory infections..

The researchers said: “When confronting this new virus at the beginning of the epidemic, there was a lot of speculation about some drugs that affect the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 or ACE2 Including statins, and whether they may affect the risk of developing corona, we needed to confirm whether or not the use of statins had an effect on the severity of a person’s infection with the Coronavirus and to determine whether it was safe for our patients to continue taking their medicines..”

The research team retrospectively analyzed electronic medical records of 170 patients with P. COVID-19 And 5,281 patients negative from COVID They were taken to hospital in UC San Diego Health Between February and June.


Researchers found that using statins prior to hospitalization due to COVID-19 It was associated with a more than 50% reduction in the risk of developing: COVID-19 Severe, compared to those with COVID-19 But they don’t take statins.

Patients with PPD also recovered COVID-19 Those who were taking statins faster before hospitalization than those who did not take cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Not only are statins safe, but they may also protect against infection COVID-19 Severe, and statins may specifically prevent corona infection through their known anti-inflammatory effects and binding capabilities as this can halt the progression of the virus..


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