Classical or colloquial? Renewed controversy over the language used in animated films


A dubbed animation film brought back the debate between proponents of the use of Standard Arabic in animated series and films and advocates of colloquial use.

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The animated film “The Adventure of the Digimon” brought back the debate between proponents of dubbing using Fusha and advocates of the vernacular.

The beginning was with the announcement of the start of the screening of the movie “The Adventure of the Digimon”, which belongs to the Japanese anime series, dubbed in the Egyptian dialect.

The announcement of the release of the film sparked widespread enthusiasm among fans of the anime series, as it brought back to the screens the memory of the “Digital Heroes” series, which was shown on the “Space Toon” channel for children and its memories accompanied the generations for more than two decades.

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However, social networking sites in the Arab world witnessed a split between a team welcoming to screen the film in the general dialect “easy and suitable for work”, and others criticizing the move away from the standard Arabic language, which would “negatively” affect children and their sound language, according to two tweets.


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