Coffey Leela Cora: Pacheco is the best after Ferrera


Burkini Mohamed Kofi, a former defender of Smouha and Zamalek, confirmed that the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new coach of the white team, has a strong personality, noting that he is a precise and decisive person in his decisions.

“Pacheco is the best coach I have played with in Egypt after Gosfaldo Ferreira,” said Covey, in exclusive statements at Leela Kora. He is a strong and tough coach and has a very strong personality.

He added, “Pacheco respects the players very much and knows how to deal with them. He has a special mind on the field, and he always likes to impose his style on the competitors during any confrontation he fights.”

And he continued: “When the training is exactly at six oclock, and any player enters the field at exactly six oclock and a minute, it will be enough for there to be a big problem for this player, as he is a very accurate and decisive person in all his decisions and loves commitment.”

He explained: “I know that the task that he came to is very difficult due to the lack of time, but I expect that he will succeed with Zamalek in the coming period, as he knows very well how to win.”

He stressed: “Pacheco has many stars and great players, but the 2015 generation was stronger and better, and the proof is that we achieved the league and cup double.”

Kofi concluded, saying: “Very happy with his return and I wish him success in his mission with Zamalek.”


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