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Through Muhammad Al-Sahlawi The player of the Saudi Al-Taawon club expressed his anger at some of the decisions of the referee of his team’s match against his counterpart Al-Nasr in the round of 16 of the AFC Champions League.

Al-Sahlawi said in televised remarks after the match, “Congratulations to the referee … Victory is able to qualify, but our effort was wasted by the referee.”

He added, “The absence of video technology greatly affected the match.”

These statements caused anger among Al-Nasr fans on the social networking site Twitter. What prompted Sahlawi to come out and apologize.

Al-Sahlawi wrote through his official account on the social networking site Twitter: “With appreciation and respect for everyone, my statement was a criticism of the match’s referee only, and I cannot one day offend the great entity in which I lived and was one of his sons and achieved tournaments with him.”

He added, “I will not accept that my statement be interpreted as being against Al-Nasr Club !! Congratulations to you for winning and to achieving the title.

It is noteworthy that Al-Sahlawi also caused controversy during the match after an altercation occurred between him and the Brazilian, who is the player of the Saudi club Al-Nasr.

The match camera captured a slight clash of hands between Maikon and Sahlawi, after a joint ball between the players.

The referee intervened to stop the clash, and warned the players not to repeat it.


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