Control of 4 separate fires in Osim without any casualties or losses


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On Sunday, the Giza Civil Protection Directorate managed to control 4 fires that broke out in the Oseem area, without causing any casualties.

A security source said that, during the day, the Civil Protection received 4 reports of the outbreak of fire in the Oseem Police Station district, in separate areas, adding that the firefighters managed to control it and besiege it without any loss of life or material.

The source added that the first fire was in agricultural waste, which was extinguished after the use of 4 firefighting cars, and the second caught fire in a house in one of the villages of Oseem, controlling it and preventing its transfer to neighboring properties, in addition to two fires in a garbage dump at the entrance to the city of Oseem.

The necessary records were drawn up, and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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