Coordination of Technical Diplomas 2020 .. Start registration of wishes online (link)


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You can now register your desires online now via the e-government portal from Wednesday to Wednesday 7/10/2020, with the aim of registering the wishes of students of technical degrees in both the 3 and 5-year systems, as well as students of intermediate technical institutes.

The requests are registered by entering the coordination website 2020 through the Egyptian government portal via Click on this link .

The coordination site accepts students of technical diplomas and intermediate institutes from the following groups:

Students who are graduates of the diploma of technical secondary schools operating in the three-year system and their counterparts (commercial – industrial – agricultural – tourism and hotels) out of a total of 60% or more.

– A total of 60% of students are also accepted graduates of the diploma of advanced technical secondary schools operating in the five-year system, the diploma of technical institutes of the Ministry of Higher Education and its counterparts in trade, tourism, hotels, industrial and social service, the diploma of private intermediate institutes of the Ministry of Higher Education, the diploma of advanced industrial, commercial, industrial, agricultural and tourism schools And hotels, the five-year system, and the Don Bosco Salesian Diploma – Diploma of the Integrated Technology Complex, Center for Technology of Excellence.

– Diploma students from technical institutes of nursing (Nursing Division) affiliated to universities are also accepted with a total of 75% and more.

– Students who have obtained a certificate of intermediate institutes of social service with a total ranging between more than 65% and up to 75% are accepted to present their papers directly to the private higher institutes of social service, and they are admitted to the third division of these institutes.

The method for registering the wishes is summarized by the student entering the electronic coordination website on the Egyptian government portal, then clicking on the technical certificate coordination services, and he enters the seating number and the password, then begins to register the wishes, and the wishes must be printed and kept after Completion of recording desires and saving them.

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